You know where you want to go, but need help getting there. You may need industry perspective and expert advice to know exactly which positions to apply for. You may want some structure and accountability for applying and following up. Or your may simply need to strengthen your interviewing skills. We can guide you along each of these steps to help you get the job as quickly as you'd like it.



You've been in the same job for many years or you're ready to try something completely new. You may need to do a deep dive into your interests and figure out what direction to take next. You might need help to know what to highlight in your experience, and which details make you most attractive as a candidate. Would certain credentials or certificates increase your income opportunities, or would they be a waste of time? We can help you form your approach and ensure that you have confidence to make the change.


Maybe you've been out of the work force for many years raising your children at home. Maybe you no longer want to be in the field you're in, and are willing to go back to school or get education to change your career. Or is starting your own business something you've always wanted to do? If you're at a place where you aren't sure what's next, but you know it's time for a change, we can help guide you to discover your interests, skills, and how to best take the first steps in your new direction. 

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